Sold!...Fenders DriveIn Seasonal Restaurant

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SOLD!..Fenders Drive-in Seasonal Restaurant was built in 1991 by Richard and Shirley Marcin in the town of Holland, Massachusetts. It

 was operated by them and their daughter, Liana, for 13 successful years.  Mr. and Mrs. Marcin are now ready for retirement and have

 decided to put this lovely commercial property and business up for sale.  The restaurant is open from May to Labor Day in September, and

 catered to motorcycle clubs, car clubs, and patrons of the Brimfield Antique Market.  Fenders is located on 1.2 acres of prime commercial

 land and comes with beach rights.  Across from Fenders is beautiful Lake Hamilton.  The lake is dotted with second homes of people from

 Hartford, Springfield and New York on the north and south side of the lake.

Fenders is known for serving top quality fried whole belly clams, delicious long dogs, chili dogs, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, fresh

 homemade clam fritters, and hand cut onion rings.  The menu also included top quality soft serve ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and twist)

 nd hard packed premium ice cream served on cones and in cups. 

We are most happy to announce the sale of our restaurant to Dick Hoyt, as of June 10, 2009.  Dick is committed in keeping the same quality

 food and ice cream.

UPDATE:  Team Hoyt Finish Line has been sold....the new owner is James Gagne.  It has become mostly a seafood restaurant. It is now called  "Maine Attraction"    Wishing Mr. Gagne, a veteran in the restaurant business, our good wishes.


Thanks for the Memories...Richard, Liana and Shirley  6-10-2009

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